From the Bristow Beat:

Prince William residents heading to the polls may be faced with another choice they had not expected: whether they want to support a recall effort for School Board Chairman-At-Large Ryan Sawyers.

At several polling places around the county, volunteers are outside asking voters if they would like to sign a petition to help to recall the Prince William County School Board Chairman.

“This is really bipartisan,” said volunteer Rich Egan, presenting the petition to voters at Glenkirk Elementary School. “We feel that he’s misused his office.”

An alleged non-partisan group of parents called The Committee for Quality Education organized the petition. The groups’ founders are not making themselves available for comment, operating only behind a website and local volunteers.

The committee’s goal is to receive between 6,000 and 7,000 votes throughout the county. That would be ten percent of the votes that Sawyers received when he was elected in November of 2015, and enough for a judge to consider his recall.

The petition is being done officially with residents signing in front of a witness, rather than online. And, since people are attending their voting precinct, it ensures they are all county residents.

►Bristow Beat: Committee Petitions to Recall School Board Chairman

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