We are a NON-PARTISAN group of concerned parents who live in Prince William County and are worried about the safety and education of our children in the public school system.  We are a mix of parents who have political opinions that are sympathetic to both sides of the aisle.  However, since we formed in October of 2016, we have never discussed politics.  What unifies us is the removal of Ryan Sawyers from office.  Ryan Sawyers has brought a level of politics never seen before to our schools, the board and the administration … a place where politics should never exist.

 We can assure you that none of our eleven members are politicians or are interested in becoming politicians … we are just average concerned parents.  Outside our eleven member committee, we have other volunteers.  Before we allow them to gather signatures, we ensure they understand that this is a NON-PARTISAN effort.

 Please check out our Facebook page which you can access from the home page.  There you’ll find up to date information on our effort.